Democratizing industrial AI – Build own AI Apps self-service

– Kerim Galal –

Datum und Uhrzeit:
„Democratizing industrial AI“ – Build own AI Apps self-service
12. April 2021 | 12:15 - 12:45 Uhr
Kerim Galal, Geschäftsführer
innoSEP GmbH

Industrial AI nowadays is not easily accessible for the Domain experts in a large-scale, because it relies on extensive support by AI Experts with programming skills. A sustainable path of AI will only be achieved when the AI technologies are easily accessible to the high number of industrial experts to apply AI technologies by themselves. innoSEP operates an AI - Technology Platform that closes the gap between AI Expert and Domain Expert and efficiently empowers organizations to build, deploy, and maintain specific industrial AI Apps in self-service and no-code. It covers the full AI pipeline from exploratory Data Analytics to fully maintainable AI Apps with all required technologies for successful project implementation - tailored for industrial processes. With innoSEP’s AI Platform you can transform a programming-based AI workflow in a visual-supported approach, which makes the large-scale development of AI apps efficient, accessible and successful.

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